Pascoflair is an herbal sleep aid developed to help people who are struggling with restlessness or insomnia resulting from mental stress.  This product is not a sedative but is instead meant to help people to ease that feeling of an overactive mind so that they can get a better sleep at night.

What Does Pascoflair Do?

According to the official website of the Pascoflair manufacturer, Pascoe, this product helps to calm the mind. It works by turning off the ceaseless running thoughts so that the user can feel more restful and fall asleep more easily.  This product is not habit forming and won’t cause the user to feel tired.  Instead, it allows a user who is already tired to shut off an overactive mind so that they can sleep naturally.

The outcome can be that the Pascoflair user will fall asleep quite quickly. Since this product doesn’t have any sedative effects, it also doesn’t cause feelings of grogginess in the morning. This allows a well rested user to feel refreshed upon waking.

What Are the Ingredients?

Pascoflair contains a single active ingredient per tablet.  This one ingredient is passion flower (passiflora incarnata).  Each tablet contains 425 mg of that substance. According to the official website, that is the highest amount of passion flower extract currently available in a single tablet on today’s market.

This ingredient has long been used as a natural remedy and has since undergone some research to investigate its benefits. According to the official website, it is used in this particular product because of its mind calming properties.  It slows racing thoughts and helps a tired person to become restful so they can fall asleep.

Is This Sleep Aid for You?

Pascoflair can be a helpful sleep aid for some people struggling to fall asleep at night.  That said it’s not for everyone.  Since it is not a sedative, it won’t cause you to fall asleep if you’re not tired and ready to fall asleep.  Moreover, it is meant to help people whose sleeping problems are caused by mental stress.  Therefore, if your insomnia is the result of pain, medication side effects, overuse of stimulants such as coffee and energy drinks, or jet lag, this may not provide you with the benefits you’re seeking.

That said, it can support the benefits of sleep and healthy weight, physical energy, mental wellness and others when you can overcome the noisy thoughts keeping you awake.