Nature Made Diabetes Health Pack is a dietary supplement specifically designed to provide daily nutritional support for people with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Created by Nature Made, the supplement has been scientifically formulated with essential vitamins and minerals, providing a comprehensive combination of these ingredients along with EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids.

The Diabetes Health Pack includes the nutrients that many diabetics and pre-diabetics often lack due to the strain the disease places on the body. Furthermore, many individuals who suffer from this medical condition do not always eat a well-balanced diet. This product can help to make sure that their body receives the essential nutrients from key vitamins, minerals, fish oil and alpha lipoic acid.

The recommended dosage is to take the contents of 1 packet per day with a meal. Each packet contains 6 supplements. There are several ingredients in the Nature Made Diabetes Health Pack. However, the 6 key supplements include:

Multiviatmin/Mineral – a highly potent supplement composed of essential minerals and vitamins for nutritional support of the body.

Fish Oil with Vitamin D3 – Containing EPA and DHA, these are key Omega-3s that are very important for heart health. They also help to maintain triglyceride levels.

Vitamin C – provides immune health support and works to neutralize free radicals as well as assist the body in absorbing iron.

Magnesium – this supplement is vital to many of the body’s functions, including muscle and nerve health. It is also essential for overall heart health, for the maintenance of strong bones and for converting food into energy.

Chormium – this one helps to metabolize glucose normally and is also essential for proper carbohydrate metabolism.

Alpha Lipoic Acid with Green Tea – helps to protect against free radicals and is well known for its antioxidant properties. Free radicals tend to be common in diabetics due to higher levels of oxidative stress.
Be advised that Nature Made Diabetes Health Pack is not a treatment for diabetes or pre-diabetes. It is meant to be used as a daily supplement for dietary purposes. That being said, it is imperative that you first speak to your healthcare professional before taking this dietary supplement or making it a part of your daily diet – especially if you are a diabetic. It is vital that you make certain that this supplement pack is a safe and healthy choice for your specific medical condition and to ensure that it will not conflict with any medications (prescription or non-prescription) or herbal supplements you may be taking that have been prescribed by your doctor.