kaloss trimmers reviewKaloss Trimers Slimming Pills are a nonprescription weight loss supplement manufactured by Kaloss International, which also produces a range of other products within that same category. In the case of these capsules, the promise on the official website is that they will help the dieter to be able to achieve a healthier overall body while looking and feeling more youthful and boosting nutrition through a number of natural ingredients with vitamins and minerals.

This is a rather unique tack in a market that is filled with different weight loss products, as this one also seems to step into the anti-aging category, as well. That said, whether or not this product can actually live up to any of its promises requires some additional investigation.

At the time of this review, the ingredients listed in this product by the official website include chromium, magnesium, vitamin E, Damien herbs, ginger root, ginseng root, gotu kola, and lecithin. At first glance, anyone who regularly studies or reviews diet pill formulas or who is familiar with the industry will see red flags starting to raise. The majority of these ingredients have little to nothing at all to do with weight loss and those that do are unproven, at best.

The two substances that are most related to losing weight are chromium and gotu kola. In the case of chromium, the Mayo Clinic specifically states that diet pills including this ingredient are not adequately tested. Its website says that while it is unlikely that this ingredient will cause any harm, it is completely unproven, so the claims that are commonly made about it cannot be assured. Typically, this substance is used in order to help to keep blood glucose levels even so that dieters will not experience powerful food cravings that would have resulted from a sugar crash. The other ingredient, gotu kola, is a stimulant that helps to temporarily increase fat burning. This reaction is only effective when combined with cardio exercise and it is typically associated with side effects that are common among stimulants such as shakiness and trembling, nervousness, headache, and sleep struggles.

Overall, it is unlikely that this product would produce anything measurable in terms of additional weight loss and it would be difficult to recommend it based on its low chance of effectiveness and relatively high odds of producing negative effects from the stimulants that it includes among its ingredients.